Raised on Country Burgers and Grill

The owner’s family came together over freshly-caught and cooked meat, and now he wants Tuscaloosans to do the same. That’s why he opened Raised on Country, a fast-casual eatery that specializes in wild game, including elk, kangaroo, and rattlesnake.

The biggest challenge for a restaurant like Raised on Country is finding vendors to supply the array of exotic meats they serve. Since opening the restaurant in Jacksonville, Lawrence has cultivated a robust and extensive network of suppliers from around the world that he relies on to send him fresh game. The process to find and form connections with suppliers was onerous, but Lawrence eventually worked his way from an outsider to a trusted buyer.

Most of the meat Lawrence buys comes from animals that lived on massive free-range ranches in states like North Dakota and Montana. The more adventurous meats like kangaroo and camel come from beyond American borders.