Innisfree started with one idea in mind: we wanted our own place to drink with our friends… So in December of ’97 after being turned down by 4 banks and our heads hanging low we went to a fifth. You know the old saying, the fifth time was a charm. So with the very little money we got, we started construction. Blowing through our money we had no choice but to open, so we opened the doors in May ’98 with the change in our pockets to fill the first register.
Innisfree was born and stories began. After about 3 years we expanded to a second location in Birmingham. The original location was open for 10 fun years and then decided to move to a bigger location in order to start serving food and appeal to a broader audience. We now serve lunch and dinner and are exploring future expansion to other cities so more people can experience and have Innisfree in their lives.