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Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail

If you cannot march, you can make sand­wiches. If you cannot make sandwiches, you can drive your

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL, USAWebsite: https://civilrightstuscaloosa.org/Phone: 205-758-1193

Walk The University of Alabama

Even if you’re not a prospective student, touring this monumental campus is well worth the time. From the Quad, where the University is Anchored, to the new stretches of the institution towards Bryce Hospital, and Bryant-Denny Stadium, you’ll find a plethora of landmarks.

Location: The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Walk Downtown

University Boulevard is the mother road of Tuscaloosa. Stretching from Capitol Park, Past the University of Alabama, to the Arboretum. This main street holds a rich history and a wealth of sights to stroll along.

Location: Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park was developed as a memorial for all veterans of the United States Armed Forces and as a tribute to Northington General Army Hospital, one of the largest military hospitals in the world at the end of WWII. When the hospital closed, it was stipulated that the one-acre site could only be used as a shrine, a memorial to veterans or a denominational church.

Location: AL-6, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404, USAWebsite: http://www.tuscaloosaveteranspark.orgPhone: 205-562-3220

Tuscaloosa Gateway

The Gateway at Alberta is a central hub designed to connect the city to the latest technology. As the starting point for Tuscaloosa’s City Walk (completion date 2018), this unique building is a treasure trove of technology and a wellspring of limitless content and opportunity.

Location: 2614 University Blvd E, Tuscaloosa, AL, USAPhone: 205-248-4949

The McGuire-Strickland House

This raised Creole cottage in the Greek Revival style was built by Moses McGuire, Tuscaloosa’s first probate judge. The McGuire-Strickland home is most famous for its wood frame structure which is believed to be the oldest wooden structure in Tuscaloosa. The hand work shows early Alabama workmanship with locally cut and prepared pine of which some pieces predate the Revolutionary War.

Location: 500 28th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL, USAPhone: (205) 758-2238

President's Mansion University of Alabama

The President's Mansion is a historic Greek Revival style mansion on the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It has served as the official residence of university presidents ever since its completion in 1841.

Location: President's Mansion, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, USAWebsite: http://tour.ua.edu/tourstops/presmansion.htmlPhone: 205-348-5666

Paul W. Bryant Museum

The Paul W. Bryant Museum is dedicated to: Educating and inspiring a universal audience about the significant contributions and accomplishments of University of Alabama collegiate athletes.

Location: 300 Paul William Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL, USAWebsite: http://bryantmuseum.comPhone: 205-348-4668

Old Tavern Museum

The Old Tavern has been a fixture in downtown Tuscaloosa since the time of the capital era. Innkeeper William Dunton built the structure in 1827, three blocks from its current site as a tavern and hotel on the stagecoach route that passed through Tuscaloosa.

Location: Old Tavern Museum, 28th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL, USAWebsite: https://www.historictuscaloosa.org/the-old-tavernPhone: 205-752-1998

Murphy African-American Museum

Tuscaloosa’s first licensed black mortician, Mr. Will J. Murphy, built this two-story craftsman bungalow in the early 1920s as his private residence. Materials from the old state capitol building a few blocks away, such as bricks and window sills, were salvaged when it burned in 1923 and used in the house’s construction. Today, the structure operates as a museum focusing on the lifestyle of affluent blacks during the early 1900s. The Murphy-Collins House is the home of the Murphy African American Museum

Location: 2601 Paul William Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL, USAWebsite: https://www.historictuscaloosa.org/the-murphy-collins-housePhone: 205-758-2861