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Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports (TTS) Event Sponsorship Program is designed to assist local organizations in the attraction and/or development of sports events, meetings, conferences and reunions that will generate solid economic impact for the community.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please complete the application.

The requesting organization must provide documentation of community support for this event outlining expected results from the event under consideration.  In addition, the applicant will be required to define how the allocated funds will be used, as well as the scope of the event itself.  The TTS executive board will review the measurement of both the anticipated, as well as the actual, economic impact.

All organizations and events are eligible. Organizations and events will be evaluated based up the following criteria:

  • Events that will create a direct economic impact.
  • An event that has potential for future growth in Tuscaloosa.
  • Events that will utilize local hotel rooms and provide room night generation.
  • Events must show specific budgetary need for the funding request.
  • Event history and time of year the event is being conducted.
  • Quality of life factors
  • An event that will provide Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports with exposure through its involvement. Organizations should specify plans for this when completing the application for funding (banners, logo recognition, social media, etc.).

It is imperative that the applicant provides a good faith estimate of anticipated economic impact, as evidenced by estimated numbers of participants and of spectators.  Also, the applicant must define how those estimates were developed.  Grossly inflated estimates will result in reduction of, or elimination of, consideration for future allocations.  

To request an application, please contact the following TTS team member:

Conferences, Meetings, Reunions: Jasmine Rainey [email protected] 

Sports: Stan Adams [email protected]

TTS – Funding Request Downloadable