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Tuscaloosa is much more than its Saturday traditions and gridiron action. The city is built on a history of progress and growth that precedes its athletic excellence. Tuscaloosa was founded on December 3, 1819 and was named for the chieftain of a Muskogean-speaking people. Chief Tuskaloosa (which means “Black Warrior), and his people were defeated by Hernando De Soto at the Battle of Mabila in 1540. Tuscaloosa’s first permanent settlers were Thomas York and his family, who settled along the Black Warrior River in 1816. W.M. Nichols designed a new state capitol building, which held the first session of legislature in 1829. The University of Alabama was established soon after in 1831. During the last weeks of the Civil War, a brigade of Union troops led by General John T. Croxton, raided the city and burned the campus of the university. Only four of the buildings were saved and still stand today: Maxwell Hall, The Little Round House, The Gorgas House and the President’s Mansion.

Tuscaloosa has traditionally been known as the “Druid City” because of the numerous water oaks planted in its downtown streets in the 1840s. Since serving as the capital city from 1826 to 1846, it has been the regional center of industry, commerce, healthcare and education for West Alabama. Tuscaloosa is home to a vast array of remarkable sights that are known only inside its bounds. With hundreds of restaurants, activities, museums and parks, it has managed to become one of Alabama’s most progressive cities. Visitors come to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, historic features and bustling nightlife that Tuscaloosa has to offer. With its great energy and eyes on the future, Tuscaloosa continues to thrive on being your one and only.

Why the One & Only?

A brand is more than copy for an ad, a logo, an identity mark. A brand tells a story. For the city of Tuscaloosa, a new story is being told. Not one of SEC football, 16 national championships, or Bear Bryant, but of the Druid City, Dinah Washington, and the city’s 5 major bodies of water. The one and only Tuscaloosa in the world has a story to share, and that story is being shared with locals and travelers alike. Incorporated in the year 1819, the city of Tuscaloosa is rooted in history. Located along the riverbanks of the Black Warrior River, the city is home to The University of Alabama, but also so much more. Tuscaloosa’s new open-source brand serves to tell the stories of the city. “Tuscaloosa – The One & Only” not only demonstrates that the city is the only with its name in the world, but it sheds light on the direction the city is heading. Our hope is that visitors and locals will to continue to contribute to the story of the one and only Tuscaloosa, sharing their favorite spots and attractions, and strengthening the love and heritage for our city.